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How to Use the GT6 Track Path Editor ②

*The online services for “Gran Turismo 6” have been terminated. The content created with the “Track Path Editor” can no longer be used in-game.

Continued from the previous page, "How to Use the GT6 Track Path Editor ①" ※Screenshots are taken from the iPad version of the app.

The Home Screen

Please lock your tablet's screen in the horizontal orientation when using the Track Path Editor app.

Tap the Track Path Editor icon to launch the app, and the home screen will be displayed. The options listed below are available from the home screen. The first time the app is launched, the saved track data slots in the middle of the home screen will be empty. Tap "Create New" to start creating new track data.


The help icon (see point 3 below) is displayed on every Track Path Editor screen . Tap this "?" icon whenever you need help with the various options when creating tracks, and information about every available icon will be overlaid on the screen.

Track Data List
This is a list of your saved tracks. Data for up to 20 tracks can be saved in the Track Path Editor. If you have data for more than 9 tracks saved, scroll up and down to see all your saved tracks. The default name for each track is the year, date, and time it was saved. Double tap a track's name to change it. A track name can only contain letters and numbers. The light blue arrow indicates the track data that you most recently transferred to Gran Turismo 6.
Create New Button
Create new track data.
Help Icon
Display an overlay containing an explanation of every on-screen icon.
Sort Track Data
Sort the track data list according to the date of creation, track length etc.
Copy Track Data
Create a copy of a track. This is a useful option when you want to create a different version of a track with the same layout. To copy a track, tap this icon, then tap the track you wish to copy followed by the "Copy" button which will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Delete Track Data
Delete a track from your track data list. To delete a track, tap this icon, then tap the track you wish to delete followed by the "Delete" button which will appear at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation dialogue will appear. Tap "Yes" to confirm deletion of the track.
View Manual
Launch your browser and open the "Create Your Own Tracks" section of the Gran Turismo 6 Manual, on
View Options
The following options can be adjusted:
  • Unit of Length: Switch the unit of length that is displayed between meters and miles.
  • Change Language: Change the display language.
  • Show Tutorial: Display the tutorial that was shown the first time you tapped "New Track".
  • PlayStation™Network: Launch your browser and open the SEN sign-in screen.
  • Legal Information: Display legal information relating to the Track Path Editor.

Select a Theme


In the Track Path Editor, the landscape and terrain in which your track is set is known as the "theme". When you tap "Create New", you will be taken to the Theme Selection Screen. (The first time you tap "Create New", the track data creation tutorial, explaining the various controls, will be displayed. You can choose to view this tutorial at any time by selecting "Show Tutorial" from the Options menu.) Swipe left and right on the Theme Selection Screen to view the various themes, and tap a theme to select it. Tap the "View Theme Description" button at the bottom of the screen to display a brief introduction of each theme.

Select a Home Straight


Once you have selected a theme, a map of your selected theme will be displayed. The shadows on the map indicate gradations in height, while different types of terrain, such as forests or mountains, are highlighted in different colors. (The types of terrain that appear on the map vary according to the theme selected.)

Several numbers are displayed on the map. These indicate the potential locations where a home straight can be placed, as well as their potential alignments and the direction in which cars will race along them. (This is easier to see when the map is zoomed in.) The home straight is the foundation upon which your track data will be created. Consider the height gradation, the surrounding terrain, and the direction in which you'd like cars to race, then tap a number to select it. The home straight cannot be moved once it has been placed. Please note that if you are using the Eifel Flat theme, no numbers are displayed. The home straight can be placed in any location you like, with any alignment.

Once you have placed your home straight, the "Set Track Width" window will be displayed. Use the slider to adjust the track width, then tap OK to confirm. Once the track width is confirmed here, it cannot be changed later. Your selected track width will affect the radius of your turns and will have an influence on how difficult it is to overtake. Please note that the home straight is not affected by any adjustments you make to the track width.

Instructions for using the Track Path Editor continue on the next page, "How to Use the GT6 Track Path Editor ③".

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