How to Use the Controller

Basic Race Controls

The default basic race controls are listed below:

Accelerate: X button/right stick - Up
Brake: square button/right stick - Down
Reverse: triangle button
Steering: left stick - Left/Right, Left/Right Buttons
Change View: SELECT button
Rear View: L1 button
Show/Hide Ghost: Up Button
Pause: START button
Gear Up: R2 button
Gear Down: L2 button
Nitro: R1 button
Quit Game/Switch Vibration Function On/Off: PS button

You can change which controls have been assigned to which buttons/sticks by going to Options -> Wireless Controller -> Configure Controls. Please note that the horn, handbrake and windscreen wipers are not initially assigned to any button or stick.

The RA (Real-time Adjustment) Function

The Wireless Controller allows you to change various driving options and settings while you race. This is known as the "RA (real-time adjustment) function". To use the RA function, go to Options -> Wireless Controller -> Configure Controls (Player 1/2), then assign the RA function to your preferred button. The following settings can be changed using the RA function:

  • Traction Control
  • Centre Differential Torque Distribution
  • Active Stability Management (ASM)
  • ABS
  • Front Brake Balance
  • Rear Brake Balance
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