*The online services for “Gran Turismo 6” have been terminated. This function can no longer be used in-game.

Update information and notifications for Gran Turismo 6 are displayed in the "News" section. If a new piece of news is available, a red circle will be displayed on the message icon in My Home, indicating the number of new news pieces that are available. Selecting "News" from My Home will take you to the "News" section of the Community area.

Select "News" from My Home or from the Community area to display your news list. The news list consists of two parts, "Updates" and "News". Use the icons on the left side of the screen to switch between them. The "Updates" section contains information on updates to Gran Turismo 6. The "News" section contains other news related to Gran Turismo 6. Select a piece of news from the news list to read it in full.

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