Career Mode

Progressing through Career Mode

Career Mode is all about improving as a driver and moving up through the classes: enter races, acquire licences, and eventually aim to take part in higher-level races.

Career Mode consists of six classes, which are listed below. Races become more difficult as you proceed through these classes. The tutorial feature will guide you through the game until the first race event in Novice Class, the Sunday Cup.

  • Novice Class
  • National B Class
  • National A Class
  • International B Class
  • International A Class
  • Super Class

Select a class in Career Mode, and the race events you can enter will be displayed on the left of the screen. Start by entering the race event at the top of the list. You will earn credits and stars according how you perform in race events. New race events will become available to you according to the number of stars you have acquired.

Once you've earned the necessary number of stars, the events on the right side of the screen will also become available. These are things like Coffee Break Challenges, Mission Races, and One-Make Races. These events allow you to enjoy something rather different to the races you're used to.

Once you've earned enough stars in a certain class, it's time to take a test to see if you can advance to the next class. To take a licence test, select the option in the bottom-right of the screen. To acquire a licence, you must earn a bronze award or higher in each test. Once you've acquired a licence, you can advance to the next class. Once you've reached the highest-level Super Class, there are no more licence tests to take.

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