Single Player and Party Play

Arcade Mode is an easy way to enjoy a race, time trial or drift trial. You can also race against a friend. Arcade Mode consists of Single Player and Party Play modes.

Single Player

Single Player is a mode that makes it easy to enjoy a spot of driving. You can choose from one of the following race types:

Single Race
Race against cars controlled by the computer. The strength of your rival drivers will depend on the difficulty setting.
Time Trial
A mode in which your car takes to the track by itself in an attempt to achieve the fastest time possible.
Drift Trial
Drifting is a racing technique which involves deliberately allowing your tyres to lose their grip, sending your car sliding sideways. In this mode, the aim is to score points by performing successful and effective drifts. Choose between Sector Mode, in which you can only score points on certain parts of the track, and Full Lap Drift, where points can be scored anywhere on the track. Your handbrake will come in handy during Drift Trials. Be sure to assign your handbrake to the X button.

After you've selected your Single Player game mode, you will be given the chance to adjust the following settings, after which you'll be taken to the Quick Menu. For details on the Quick Menu and subsequent steps, please refer to the "Races" section.

1. Select a Track
First choose a category: World, Original, City or Snow/Dirt.
2. Select a Car
To choose the car in which you wish to race, first select either "Current Car", "Choose from Favourites", or "Use a Courtesy Car". In order to use the "Choose from Favourites" option, you will first need to add some cars to your Favourites by accessing the Car List in your Garage.
3. Set Driving Options
Set driving options for Single Race and Drift Trial modes. For Single Race mode, you can set the difficulty level and the number of laps. For Drift Trial mode, you can set the drift mode.

Party Play

Party Play is a mode that allows you to race against a friend in the same room.

When you select Party Play, you will be taken to the Track Selection Screen. After the track has been selected, the screen will split in two, allowing each player to select a car and set their driving options. Once this is done, you will proceed to the race. For details on subsequent steps, please refer to the "Races" section.

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