GPS Visualiser

Adjusting GPS Driving Path

Small errors in GPS data can occur due to the position of the satellites at the time of recording, the weather, and other factors. If the preview appears to be markedly different from the actual run, you can select "Adjust GPS Driving Path" to tweak the line in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

Adjustments should be made so that the driving line displayed on the track map to the left matches more accurately the real line taken. Select "X-Axis Adjustment" and a slider will be displayed, allowing you to move the line left or right. In the same way, the slider that appears when you select "Y-Axis Adjustment" allows you to move the line up or down. You can use the right stick to adjust the level of zoom, and the left stick to scroll around the track map in order to make adjustments more easily.

Some driving line discrepancies may not be possible to remedy solely by adjusting the line in this way. In such cases, you may also need to use the Auto-Fit function.

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