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Introducing the Onboard footage of the top ranking ‘GR Yaris Time Trial’ drivers

The GR Yaris Time Trial was hosted globally from Friday, November 13 to Sunday December 13, 2020.

Here we have released the lap footage of Japan’s Angel_mixy who marked the fastest time in the world in this time trial, which saw more than 56,000 players participating worldwide.

The Toyota GR Yaris is a machine created to win in the FIA World Rally Championships (WRC). See the skill of the world’s top ranking drivers as they put the Toyota GR Yaris through its paces!

Introduction du contre-la-montre GR Yaris : Relevez le défi d'un circuit complexe sur gravier !
Gran Turismo Sport organise un contre-la-montre mondial pour...

Onboard Footage Angel_mixy (Japan)

This is driving footage of the honored champion Angel_mixy on the Sardegna Windmills.

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