To be the best tool
for your online play
In contrast to the offline experience where we provide a scenario that is more about "how we want people to play the game", with the Online Mode it is of paramount importance that we provide the right “instruments” to our users, so that they will be able to enjoy racing online in a friendly environment. Gran Turismo 6 will undergo a major evolution, after having analyzed how our fans play and having heard their feedback throughout the years. Major features that could not be added with regular updates in the previous episode will now be offered in GT6 as standard.
Within Community, players can create Clubs and gather together in club lobbies, host race events for the club members and much more.
This allows users to create private or public clubs, search for the most popular clubs and communicate with club members while enjoying online racing.
It is also possible to access a web browser version of the Community feature via the official website.

Club List


Create Club

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Photo Stream

Open Lobby
Open Lobby is a mode in which you can join rooms that have been created online, compete in online races, and communicate with other players. Choose your preferred room based on race type, difficulty level, course, regulations, and so on. You can also create your own room, either making it open to everyone or just inviting your friends.
Select "Lobby" from the "My Home" screen and the Room Selection screen will be displayed. Use the search filters on the left side of the screen to find a room that's to your liking.

Room search

Im the room

Regulation settings

Quick Match
Quick Match is a simple online racing mode that lets you take part in events with pre-determined regulations. When each individual event is entered, player matching takes place automatically, followed by the race itself.
Select "Quick Match" from My Home, and the Event Selection Screen will be displayed. Please select which event you'd like to enter. Up to five events are available at any time, and events are updated on a regular basis.

Event list

Selecting a car


Seasonal Events
Seasonal Events are official Gran Turismo online events. They allow you to compete against large numbers of other players, using the same rules.
In some special events, you would recieve new car or a lot of in-game credit by completing a lap or winning a trophy. Additionally, you would sometimnes find online qualification event of some real world competitions there. Please keep your eyes on the Seasonal Events as they are held for limited time only.

Event list

An example of event with special reward

Winning a new car


*Images shown are from a pre-final English version of the game.