An Online Mode developed
in collaboration with our fans
About 1.25 million people have joined GT5 online in July 2013. Whether it’s thanks to the Seasonal Events updated regularly every week, or the continuous game updates that add new function to the experience or the release of new content in the form of DLCs, our fans have supported the title constantly from the very beginning. And we learned a lot from them.
In contrast to the offline experience where we provide a scenario that is more about "how we want people to play the game", with the Online Mode it is of paramount importance that we provide the right “instruments” to our users, so that they will be able to enjoy racing online in a friendly environment. Gran Turismo 6 will undergo a major evolution, after having analysed how our fans play and having heard their feedback throughout the years. Major features that could not be added with regular updates in the previous episode will now be offered in GT6 as standard.
Many more functions will be added to the Lobby, the hub of player versus player races: just to name a few, users will have the chance to create and share Race Events amongst them, and the proper community tools will be implemented to support this new feature. These are all improvements that were generated by suggestion and feedback gathered from our online players. Please look forward to the announcement of other online features as we are approaching the release date.

The New Online Lobby
Designed to support your desired play-style here and now
The Online Lobby of Gran Turismo 5 is still popular today, and many users from around the world gather together to race their favourite cars on tracks in highly customisable conditions.
In Gran Turismo 6, features that were not supported officially in the previous title will now be included: online lobby time trials, drift trials and races with qualifying rounds are just a few examples. Users will also be able to create customised rooms tailored to their favourite play-style and these settings can be saved and shared with others.
Being able to set-up a room with your favourite settings easily, and being able to share it immediately with other users are only examples of the "new instruments" that will be featured in the new title.

*Images shown are from a pre-final English version of the game.