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Remote Races
Level up your drivers by racing them against your friends. You can even play from a web browser!
Sharing Your Driver
Select the driver list from "My Home"
Select a driver or create a new one
Set the driver to "Share with Friends"

To participate in remote races, first set one or more drivers from your "My Driver"list to "Share with Friends".

Now your friends can invite your driver to participate in a "Remote Race". Even if you are not hosting the remote race, and even if you don’t have your PS3 turned on, your friends may level up your driver for you in their races.

Hosting a Remote Race on the PS3
Select Remote Races from [Community]
Select an event, select the drivers and start the race
The race can be watched on the PS3

When hosting your own remote race, you need to start "Gran Turismo 5"on the PS3.

Press the new "Remote Race" button in the Community. By following simple on-screen instructions, you can start an automatic remote race. You can watch the live race feed, or save the replay and watch it later.

* You cannot give commands to your driver during a remote race.
* You can only select one of your drivers to participate in a single remote race, but you can select multiple drivers from the same friend to participate in that race.

Hosting the Remote Race from
Set the remote race screen of GT5 to the "Server Standby Mode" and leave your PS3 on.
Login from "GT5 My Home"button on "".
You can control the remote race from your web browser.

You can also host remote races from the official website.

To prepare, display the remote race screen of GT5, and set to the "Server Standby Mode", or before hosting the remote race, place a checkmark in the "Set to Server Standby Mode After a Race"when starting the remote race. In server standby mode you cannot do other things in "GT5". Set it to this mode when you are going out and accessing the races from a remote environment.

Next, display the website (, and sign in from the "GT5 My Home" button on the upper right of the screen. You can remote control your PS3 on standby at home, to start remote races, monitor the race progress by live text feed and check results.

* You cannot view the race video feed through
* If you do not have enough hard disk space on your PS3, you will not be able to save the race when selecting "Save Replay"through

Gaining Experience and Rewards
Display the drivers list from the button on the bottom left of the remote race screen.
Press the "Receive Rewards"button to receive rewards and experience.
You can check the participation status of friends to remote races in the Log.

In order to recieve rewards and experience gained in remote races, you must perform a step to receive them in Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3.

Basically, you just need to display the drivers list and select the driver. Press the "Receive Rewards"button, and the rewards and experience you have accumulated will be applied to the driver in your game.(When you turn off the "Share with Friends" status of your driver, unacquired experience and rewards can also be collected.)

You can check the detailed results of the remote races you hosted from "See Race Results"in the remote race screen in GT5. Similarly, you can also check the detailed results of remote races hosted by friends from the remote race button displayed in the My Home screen of your friends. A simplified list combining both of these can be viewed from the "Log"in the Community screen.

In addition to being able to view race results and logs on as you can in the game, you can also see a real time live text feed of remote races hosted by your friends. If you discover that your driver is participating in a remote race hosted by a friend, try viewing the remote race screen on the My Home page of your friend.

*Please note the screen is from the development (English) version.