Tuning & Maintenance

Shop List

Selecting Tuning & Maintenance allows you to buy tuning parts and custom parts. You can also perform maintenance on your car.

The Tuning & Maintenance option allows you to access five shops, which provide the following services:

Tuning Parts
Buy tuning parts here to improve your car's specs. Parts are divided into categories. Fit the parts you've bought and adjust their settings by selecting Garage -> Car Settings.
Custom Parts
Personalize your cars with custom external parts and wheels.
Pit Service
This is where you can check your car's cleanliness and body condition, wash it, change the oil, repair its body, improve body rigidity, and perform maintenance on your car's body and engine.
Racing Gear
Purchase racing helmets and racing suits with various designs. You can also purchase special outfits (a racing helmet and racing suit set) as worn by famous drivers. To change into racing gear you have purchased, head to the Racing Gear section of the Garage.
Paint your car's body and wheels. Acquire a new paint color by purchasing a car of that color at a Dealership.

Custom Rear Wing


The "External Parts" section of "Custom Parts" allows you to construct and equip custom rear wings, giving you more freedom over the kind of rear wings your cars have.

When creating a custom rear wing, the first thing you need to do is choose a combination of wing mounts, the winglets that are attached to both sides of the wing, and the wing itself. "Small" and "large" parts can only be combined with parts of the same size, while "common" parts can be combined with parts of any size.

Once you've selected your combination of parts, use the "Wing Size" option on the right side of the screen to set your wing's height and width. If you get a warning saying "Your car's winglets are touching its body." or "Your car's winglets are too close to its body.", try adjusting the wing's height and width until the warning no longer appears, or select a different wing and/or different winglets.

Press L1 or R1 to switch viewpoints and check how the custom wing looks attached to your car.

Damage, Dirt and Deterioration

The distance you have driven in a car is displayed on the odometer. Driving over long distances causes engine condition, oil condition and body rigidity to gradually deteriorate. This is known as "deterioration". Your car's body will also get dirty, and may suffer dents or scratches as a result of collisions or crashes. This is known as "damage". If your car has suffered damage or if its condition has started to deteriorate, please visit the Pit Service in order to repair your car.

Deterioration and damage are dealt with in the following ways, depending on the race mode:

Career Mode
Deterioration and damage incurred while racing remains once a race is complete. If you cancel a race before it is finished, your car's condition will deteriorate, but damage will be reset.
Free Run
Your car will incur deterioration and damage while driving, but as soon as you quit the Free Run, the damage will be reset.
Arcade Mode
Your car will incur deterioration and damage while racing, but both deterioration and damage are reset as soon as you select "Quit" from the Race Menu.