Driving made to be enjoyed
World-famous tracks in the comfort of your living room
If you have a passion for cars, you already know how fun "just driving" is: your vision blurring with speed, the vibrations telling you the texture of the road, the pitch of the tyres screeching. Just driving on a track by yourself, there is a world of drama waiting for you.
From famous world circuits like the Nürburgring, to the beautiful sunsets of the Tuscan hills, to a neon-lit original Kart course: Gran Turismo has continued to recreate wonderful tracks, and in doing so it also generated stories of your drive.
Gran Turismo 6 will introduce new locations where the drama will continue to unfold: the Goodwood Hillclimb course, a very exclusive track that only a few selected guests had experienced until now, is recreated for the first time in a video game; the Silverstone Circuit, the holy ground of the GT Academy that nurtured gamers into professional racing drivers; and the legendary Brands Hatch of UK fame, for a total of 7 new tracks included at launch. No matter if you’re driving alone or if you are challenging rivals, GT6 will set the stage for your new drama.
Goodwood Hillclimb 20155
Goodwood Hillclimb 2015
On 25 June 2015, 'Goodwood Festival of Speed' has updated its Central Feature. At the same time of the unveiling in real life, the 'Goodwood Hillclimb' course in Gran Turismo 6 has also been updated to the 2015 version including the new monument. The 2014 version will still appear in the Arcade Mode and Free Runs, but the course in the Special Events section will be changed to the new 2015 version.
Mid-Field Raceway
The popular original track of Gran Turismo makes a comeback with further refinements! This high speed circuit is built on a mountain landscape full of inclines and descents. It is further made dynamic by the famous grade separated crossing where the direction of the lap circle changes, and its long flat out sections and mid- to high-speed corners. How high you can maintain the average speed will determine your performance on this track; always aim for a racing line that focuses more on acceleration out of the corners, paying attention to the final top speeds reached in the straight sections.
Suzuka Circuit 2014
The Suzuka Circuit underwent major renovations between 2007 and 2009, to improve its facilities and make it safer. The updates that were performed have now been recreated in detail with the “Suzuka Circuit 2014”. The resurfaced west course, the new crash pads, the guardrails replacement, the sponsor billboards and related facilities have been updated to the actual configuration. Now with variable time functionality added, the true-to-life feeling of racing have improved even further, allowing you to enjoy Japan’s famed circuit on a new level of realism.
Circuito de la Sierra
This is a long 27 km course set around the Zahara el Gastor water reservoir, located at the northern end of the Sierra de Grazalema natural park in the Andalusia region of Spain. The course with many ups and downs and its combination of tight and high speed corners is simply fun to drive. Enjoy driving through the beautiful scenery of the Andalusia region with its white houses standing on vertically cut plateaus, its mountain peaks and vast olive fields.
Red Bull Ring
This is a circuit surrounded by green mountains, located northwest of Austria’s historic city of Graz. Originally founded as the Österreichring in 1969, it was also called the A1 ring from 1997 to 2010. Though this is an ultra high speed circuit with long flat out sections, it is combined with tricky tight corners that are key in attaining faster lap times. In 2014, Formula 1 racing returned to the circuit for the first time in 11 years. A circuit combining the old and the new, both the full course layout and short course layouts have been included.
Ascari Full Track5
Ascari Full Track
Ronda is an ancient city in Spain known for being cut straight out of the mountain. And the members-only access circuit located just outside the city bearing the name of a former F1 Champion, is the Ascari Race Resort. The main Full Track here is a respectable course that is also the longest in Spain. Various parts of the 5,425 metres course contains a variety of corners recreating bends from the world’s most famous circuits, including those from Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone and Daytona, and requires solid driving skills as well as a strong strategy to master.
Gran Turismo Arena4
Gran Turismo Arena
This is a multipurpose arena used to accommodate tens of thousands of spectators, with a special circuit set up on its field. The total length of the course is short at 668 metres, but the variety of corners in its layout is equal to a large scale circuit. This is a great stage for Karts and small displacement cars. You can also remove the cornerstones and corner barriers to set up a variety of attractions using cones.
Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit8
Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
For the first time in the history of “Gran Turismo”, a course from Oceania will be appearing in-game: an Australian racing circuit known for popular races like the famous "Bathurst 1000". The course combines extreme climbs and descents as well as a long straightaway, and is 6.213km (4 miles) long. With very little run off area all around the track, mastery of this course will take some serious concentration. Concrete walls close in on you in the mountainous section, creating moments of high tension for the drivers brave enough to challenge the track. Speeding through its tight corners will require all your attention, in order to be on the load balance of all four tyres.
This circuit is hailed as the holy ground of motorsports, having hosted the F1 World Championships for the first time in 1950. The course made from a renovated airfield near Northampton, in the UK, was initially a high speed course with mainly straight lines. It received major modifications in 1991 to give it today's more technical layout, and the course can be divided into multiple short cut layouts, as well as having a mini-circuit in the infield area called the Stowe Circuit.
Brands Hatch3
Brands Hatch
Located 30 kilometres southeast of London, this famous circuit is built in the lush Kent county, UK. This course is famous for its Touring Car and F3 races, but also for its incredible configuration of ups and downs: tight corners repeat immediately after the starting line, and from half way through the course there are a number of ascending and descending high speed corners that make for a thrilling ride. You'll need to gradually work your way into learning the track’s quirks if you want to get a full grasp of this unique track.
Goodwood Hillclimb 201413
Goodwood Hillclimb 2014
The Goodwood Festival of Speed is held every year in July in the UK. This is the hill climb course that is set up at the grounds during the festival, located nearby the family home of Lord March, the host of the event. It is a simple course with straw bales as barriers, but the only drivers allowed to race here are a handful of celebrated guests invited by Lord March. Many first class drivers take the wheel of astoundingly famous cars for a time trial run on this special stage.
The Central Feature has been updated in July 2014.
Willow Springs International Raceway6
Willow Springs International Raceway
This famous circuit in California is now reaching its 60th anniversary, and is finally making an appearance in Gran Turismo. The Willow Springs International Raceway is a circuit that is located in a hilly region just outside of Los Angeles. Of its many layouts, the circuit we are introducing this time is the main course, the “Big Willow”. At 2.5 miles per lap, it is known for its high speed corners and undulating terrain.
This is an original track that has been created in the vicinity of the Gornergrat station, which is known for its incredible view of the Matterhorn. This is a mountain course with steep climbs and sharp drops, located at an elevation of over 3000 metres. A sheer rock face follows along the track, but the width of the course is wide enough for overtaking. The sight of the European Alps as you cross over the hill here is simply spectacular. We hope everyone will enjoy the sheer scale of the nature around the track when driving this course.
Apricot Hill Raceway4
Apricot Hill Raceway
This original track set amid undulating hills has been given a new lease of life with all-new spectator stands and the addition of options to adjust both the time of day and the weather. It's a high-speed course with a moderate elevation difference, but also features technical sections such as high-speed S-bends and chicanes to keep the challenge level high. To shave those vital seconds off your lap times, you'll need to focus on exiting the corners smoothly and skilfully enough that you can hit your top speed on the straight sections.
Weather Changes, Time Changes, Astronomical Simulation System
Thorough data capturing and GPS surveying enable us to recreate a true-to-life circuit scenery and track, with a precision reaching approximately 1 cm or less in deviation. The achievements of Gran Turismo do not end there however. Take a closer look at the time changes introduced on some of our tracks since our last title.
From the longitude/latitude of the track, the sunrise/sundown hours at the 2013 Le Mans 24 hours, Nürburgring 24 hour race, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed are represented accurately. The environmental changes that happen seamlessly according to the passage of time during gameplay is no longer just a recreation of a track, it’s the simulation of the earth itself.
In Gran Turismo 5, you could set the time for a track. From Gran Turismo 6, the positions of the stars are also accurately recreated.
On night tracks you can enjoy a simulated night sky with accurate positions of the stars and constellations. You can watch the passage of time, with the moon and stars moving across the night sky as you would see in real life.
New tracks make for a new game
The world expands with every update
In a racing game, the addition of a new track has a special meaning: it has a game-changing effect on the experience you’ve had until then, it’s a new uncharted territory ready to be explored.
In the previous Gran Turismo 5 title, four new locations with 10 tracks layouts were added in the form of DLCs after the game went on sale, including tracks like the Twin Ring Motegi and Spa Francorchamps Circuit.
Real Camera Features
Take beautiful photos from the world’s most scenic locations
Photo Mode is another Gran Turismo feature that has proved to be as popular and enjoyable as driving. In this mode you can experience realistic photography using the latest single lens reflex cameras simulated in the game.
In addition to the possibility of taking exciting shots of cars during races, you can shoot stunning photos of your favourite cars in various locations around the world, especially designed to enhance the beauty of the Photo Mode. There will be more new scenery made available including GemaSolar, Spain's fantastic and massive thermosolar plant.
Gemasolar is a massive concentrated solar power plant located in Seville, Spain. A total of 2650 reflector mirrors that are each 9 metres tall and 12 metres wide are arranged in a circular layout, and the facility generates enough electricity to power 25000 homes. This expansive facility covers an amazing 185 hectares (approximately 457 acres) of land, making it a particularly scenic spot in Gran Turismo. This is a truly unique location where the utilisation of limitless natural energy is visualised on a colossal scale.
Ronda - Puente Nuevo3

Ronda - Puente Nuevo

Siracusa - Piazza Duomo3

Siracusa - Piazza Duomo

Valencia - The City of Arts and Sciences5

Valencia - The City of Arts and Sciences

Gran Turismo 6 Track List

Fuji Speedway
Suzuka Circuit / Weather: Variable
Daytona International Speedway / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Tsukuba Circuit / Weather: Variable
Circuit de la Sarthe / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Nürburgring / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Autodromo Nazionale Monza / Weather: Variable
Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Twin Ring Motegi / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Silverstone / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Ascari / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Willow Springs International Raceway / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Brands Hatch / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Goodwood Hillclimb / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Red Bull Ring / Weather: Variable
Suzuka Circuit 2014 / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
High Speed Ring / Weather: Variable
Cape Ring
Autumn Ring / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Deep Forest Raceway
Grand Valley Speedway
Eiger Nordwand
Trial Mountain Circuit
Kart Space I/II
Special Stage Route X / Time: Variable
Apricot Hill Raceway / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Gran Turismo Arena / Time: Variable
Matterhorn / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Circuito de la Sierra
Mid-Field Raceway / Weather: Variable / Time: Variable
Circuito di Roma
Circuito de Madrid
Tokyo R246
Côte d'Azur
Special Stage Route 5
Special Stage Route 7 / Weather: Variable
Snow and Dirt
Eiger Nordwand / Weather: Variable
Toscana / Time: Variable
Chamonix / Weather: Variable

*Images shown are from a pre-final English version of the game.